Jul 22, 2012

Where's Buster? The Backyard Koi Pond

Koi Fish Pond

Backyard Koi Pond Detroit, Michigan
Lorenzo's pond
My brother-in-law, Lorenzo, has been raising Koi in his backyard pond in Detroit for years. He and his wife have a beautiful home, and their backyard is a relaxing green space with a Koi fish pond adding to the tranquility.


Amidst the Koi in the pond are a couple of catfish, and as you see in the video the catfish don't come out for food as quickly as the Koi. In the video there is talk about "Buster", the previous catfish, who by size alone was "king of the pond". Buster is no longer with us, but a couple more are on the way. :)

Have you ever tried to raise Koi, or do you have a pond in your backyard? Leave a comment and let me know!


  1. Cool video. I keep koi in the large pond I have in my back yard. They are awesome. I also build koi ponds for people, so I am a little obsessed with koi ponds and water gardens. My website is www.loveyourpond.com I hope you will check it out!
    Mike Gannon

    1. Hi Mike, glad you liked the video. I checked out your website and it's great! Lots of good information on ponds and fish.

  2. Nice video! I like it. Pond is looking fabulous. I got new ideas for building pond by your blog. Thanks for sharing it. More details


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