Detroit Video Daily (DVD) is a blog I created to share things I discover and find interesting in the city of Detroit. In my posts I include videos, photos or other multimedia to express my view of life in the city. There's also a Youtube channel and not so active Flickr page and Instagram.

Known as the Motor City, Motown, and the 'D' — Detroit is a fascinating place, and like an endless urban garden there is always something new to discover. I hope you enjoy your time here and encourage you to subscribe for free updates in order to not miss one bit of the DVD goodness! 

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Thanks for the visit, and all the best from the beautiful city of Detroit!
-Roger (DVD)

Lighthouse Milliken Park 3
William G. Milliken State Park - Detroit, Michigan

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  1. Roger, pretty good first effort! Didn't know that you were there. My friend Jim, a UAW member and rep, was there too; he participated in the march before the speech.

  2. When was this photo taken? Sept. 2011?

  3. Hi,
    I had to go to the Flickr page to check. The photo of the lighthouse is from the William G. Milliken State Park, and was taken on November 4, 2011. I remember it was nice weather, and I stopped by in the early evening on a Friday. Not sure but I may change the photo on this page every so often. What do you think?


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