Sep 11, 2011

President Obama Visits Detroit!

This video is special. It is President Barack Obama's Labor Day speech in Detroit for 2011. It's special because first it's the president (duh!), and second it's the first video posted here at Detroit Video Daily (DVD).

I was somewhat indecisive about going to see the speech (not that I don't like Obama, just that I was relaxing pretty comfortably at home that morning), so I didn't get down to the Renaissance Center until just before the speech started.  Hence the reason the video is from the back of the stage. I entered at the first available entrance, and it ended up being behind the stage. To leave and try to reenter at the more crowded front entrance would have meant missing the start of the speech. Oh well. It was still a fun experience. The video is in two parts because of YouTube rules on the length of videos.

I started to film as I was walking to the entrance way, and security stopped me and informed me that I couldn't take pictures. I was a little confused and said I would go back to my car and put away the camera.  They then explained cameras were allowed, you're just not allowed to film the security area. Ahhh. No problem. Flip video cam off, and on I went. So note to anyone going to film the president, you can film the event, just don't film the security.

In case you are looking for a transcript of the speech, look no further because here is the link (the press release.) And if you're looking for a video of the speech from the front of the stage, well, I'm not sure why when you have this wonderful video, but nonetheless, here is another video (from As to which is the better video, well, I'll let you be the judge :)

And speaking of "judging" let's not be too harsh on DVD's first video offering. It is the first, and of course there's room to grow, so check back for more videos or better yet subscribe by email or the rss feed in order to not miss one bit of Detroit video goodness!

President Obama's Labor Day Speech - Part One

President Obama's Labor Day Speech - Part Two

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