Oct 14, 2011

Scott Fountain - Belle Isle Detroit

A Sunny Day
Scott Fountain Belle Isle Detroit, MI
The beautiful Scott Fountain
As October rolled in, I found myself lamenting that fall was upon us. It wasn't so much that I was dreading autumn, but more a dread of what comes next. You know the season where the white stuff falls from the sky :) However, at the beginning of the month we were blessed with a stretch of warm weather with temperatures in the mid 70s. And the sun was shining as if to give one final nod to one of Detroit's hottest summers on record. As I headed home, I felt a gravitational pull to Belle Isle. Next thing you know, I'm circling a practically deserted Scott Fountain with video cam rolling. Later looking to add some music to the video, I found the perfect piano accompaniment. (Many thanks to the musician for granting me the rights to use the piece.) 

So here it is now for the world to enjoy. Detroit Video Daily's tour of Scott Fountain...


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