Dec 13, 2011

The Virgin Mary, Tamales and the Honeybee

Detroit Video Daily was pleasantly surprised regarding one of its photos. Let me explain. DVD has a Flickr set called Detroit, MI USA (I know not very creative, but oh well, it works), and just today a Flickr user named "On Being" added one of the recent photos to a Flickr gallery they created. The gallery can be seen if you click here.  Upon looking at On Being’s profile, I discovered that it is a group from the public radio program On Being that curates the online gallery.  I’m not familiar with the program, but it sounds like an interesting show, and I plan on giving it a listen. In case you didn’t click on the above link, this is the photo of the Virgin of Guadalupe that they selected.
La Virgen de Guadalupe Detroit
La Virgen de Guadalupe - Detroit
The painting is on the side of a vacant building on W. Vernor near St. Anne Street. It looks as if someone may be prepping the wall for a mural, but I’m not sure. It caught my eye, and I was pleased with the way the colors came out.

Mmmm... Tamales
I happened to be on my way to pick up some tamales from Tamaleria Nuevo Leon when I saw the painting. (If you like tamales and haven’t been to Tamaleria Nuevo Leon, you should definitely stop over there.) Here is a photo of their shop.
Tamaleria Nuevo Leon
Awesome Tamales
In case you’re wondering that’s a relief sculpture of Ponce de Leon above the doorway. Don’t worry if you didn’t recognize him, I had to ask. Check out this close up to really appreciate Ponce and his sunglasses.

Grocery Shopping
By the way if you’re in that neighborhood, you might as well head down the street and around the corner on Bagley to Honey Bee Market, La Colmena. They have incredibly fresh produce, and items that aren’t found at the chain grocery stores. They also have a deli and are known for their Mexican chorizo sausage.
La Colmena - Honey Bee Supermarket
Sign from the older Honeybee Market
If you haven’t yet done so, click on the Flickr Photos tab to view some additional photos mentioned in this post, and others from the beautiful city of Detroit!

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