Mar 12, 2012

Obama on Gratiot

Gratiot Avenue
Wall Street may have the fat cat bankers, but we have Obama on Gratiot. Detroit's Gratiot Avenue is one of the main drags in the city. It's also a Michigan highway designated by the M-3 distinction. The roughly 29 mile long avenue runs from downtown Detroit through no less than six suburban communities. Recent years have seen some streetscape improvements with the addition of trees and the creation of a median as you head into downtown. However, none of that is as special as this portrait by an artist simply known as Bird.

Obama on Gratiot Ave.
President Obama on Gratiot
Bird painted his portrait of the president in 2010 on the side of a vacant building. On the building next to it he also included a painting of a man dancing. The man has a black arm band, and I may be missing something obvious, but I don't know who the dancing man is supposed to be. If anyone can help me out, please leave a comment.

Man Dancing by Bird
Man Dancing on Gratiot
Great Advertising
The artist takes advantage of what appears to be an unused building to advertise his services, and it's a great way to make use of the space. I photoshopped out the phone number because I don't feel comfortable posting someone else's phone number on the Internet. If you want to contact him (or her?) go check out the art, it's at the corner of Fischer St. and Gratiot.

Artwork by Bird
Painting on Gratiot
Not the Whitehouse
Well, there's no doubt that the best thing this building's got going for it is the painting of Obama.

Obama on Gratiot
Obama on Gratiot - Detroit


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