Jun 9, 2012

Driving in Detroit - Fort Street

Fort Street Tour

Fort Street Detroit
Fort Street Detroit looking toward downtown
For those that haven't been down Fort Street in a while or for those who have never been, I put together this short video. It was a beautiful sunny day, perfect for shooting a video. The drive is a stretch of Fort Street heading from the west to downtown. It's a speedy ride, but rest assured the speed limit was followed. :)

The video only covers a portion of Fort Street from Scotten to 2nd Avenue. What will you see? Some naysayers may say, "nothing of interest." -- But, I'll answer that with you'll see some old landmarks such as Johnny's Ham, the Greyhound Bus building, Fort Street Presbyterian Church and of course the Ambassador Bridge. More importantly, you'll see possibilities! As you see in the video the pavement is relatively new, and there is plenty of opportunity for business growth on this stretch of road.

The Music
The soundtrack to the video is In the JazzClub by Dave Imbernon. The song is from the album Jazz Friends 2012 that is available as a free download on Jamendo.com. I had to edit the song length slightly to have it fit the video, but it came out pretty good IMHO.

Here's the video, hope you enjoy the ride. -- If it's been a while since you've been down this section of Fort Street, what's changed? Leave a comment and let me know.


  1. Big Thanks for using this song by our friend Dave.
    The aim of our project is to share music with everyone.
    We will share with pleasure in social where we are.
    (Creative Workshop -
    Project Jazz Friends)

    1. Greetings from Detroit! :) I must say thanks to you and Dave for making the song available via a Creative Commons license. When I heard the song, I knew immediately it was the one for the video.

      Your site, www.creative-workshop.org is very cool. I like the "manifest", and it looks like you have many talented artists that have contributed.


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