Jul 15, 2012

Navy Jet Show at the Detroit Boat Race

FA-18 Jet

The APBA Gold Cup Boat Race, which is officially named the APBA Challenge Cup, but is better known as "the Boat Races" got off to a fast start Saturday with an air show from a Navy jet. I made my way down to the river to experience the show first hand. (By the way, I've come to find out, APBA stands for American Power Boat Association, a little tid-bit for us non-boating people.)


The jet fighter has a top speed of Mach 1.8 which means it's supersonic fast. That's fast like it can break the sound barrier fast, but on one of the passes it appears to go by slowly. It's interesting to see, and I wonder what the jet's speed is when it does that.


The F-18 was also loud as it flew past, but it wasn't always a consistent roar like an indy car powering around Belle Isle. On one of the passes it made a whistling noise and on others it was more of a roar.


Since the Detroit River is home to wildlife and fowl it stands to reason that I would see something besides people watching a jet air show. So if you make it to the end of the video you'll see what I mean.

Did you go to the boat races? Or did you experience the jets flying by? What did you think? Leave a comment and let me know!

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