Dec 23, 2012

If You Seek a Pleasant Deli, Look About You

A Detroit Deli

Mudgies Deli in Detroit
Mudgie's in Corktown
I discovered Mudgie's the old fashioned way, I passed by it while driving through Corktown. As you can see from the photo the outside of the deli has a lot of curb appeal. This past weekend I was hungry for a deli sandwich, and I finally made my way over to Mudgie's Deli with Mrs. DVD.

Soup and Sandwich

As soon as you walk into Mudgie's you are struck with a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere. The waitstaff is super friendly, and after finding out the soup specials we were told that there was also a sandwich available for the state of Texas. Apparently Mudgie's has been featuring a sandwich from every state in the union each week throughout 2012. I passed on the Texas sandwich and went with a half sandwich and bowl of soup, the Barrett corned beef sandwich and a bowl of sweet potato soup to be exact. I was not disappointed, and both were delicious.

Mudgies Deli sweet potato soup
Sweet potato soup
Mudgies Deli Peruvian bean soup
Peruvian bean and salmon soup

Mudgies deli sandwich
Barrett corned beef sandwich


Mrs. DVD opted for the Madill, a turkey sandwich made with "Neuske's nitrate free cherrywood smoked bacon" and garlic butter. She also had a cup of Peruvian bean and salmon soup. Again both were delicious and fresh. If you look at their menu, you'll see a huge variety of sandwiches and a lot of Michigan products; for example the sandwiches come with local Perkin's Pickles. Without a doubt, Mudgie's is definitely on the Detroit Video Daily recommend list of places to eat in Detroit!

Have you eaten at Mudgie's? Is there another local deli I should check out? Leave a comment, and let me know!

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