Feb 10, 2013

The Street Art Roll Returns


With all the interesting street art in the city I thought it was time to put together Detroit Video Daily Street Art Roll #2. Oh, and in case you missed the first art roll, here's the link.  

First Up

It may be Detroit's coolest garage. The garage behind Charlie's Bar in Springwells Village is one that catches your eye for sure.

Mural Art on garage behind Charlie's Bar in Detroit
Sports and pool

Hacienda Mural

This is flat out one of the best murals in Detroit. Located in southwest Detroit on West Vernor near Dragoon the mural is on the side of Hacienda Mexican Foods.

Mural Hacienda Mexican Foods southwest Detroit
Great Mural!

Around the Corner

Yup, all you need to do is look on the other side of the above building and you'll find this fantastic piece of art. This is the view from the parking lot of E and L Supermercado a great place to buy groceries when you're in southwest Detroit.

Mural outside of E and L Supermercado in Detroit
Beautiful colors

Heading East

On the side of the Matrix Theatre in Mexicantown is this whimsical (yes, DVD used the word whimsical in a blog post) girl blowing on a flower.

Mural of a girl blowing on a flower Matrix Theatre Detroit
Vibrant color

Heading North

Traveling north into the Corktown neighborhood on Michigan Avenue, not far from where Tiger Stadium used to be, is this artwork of former Tiger manager Sparky Anderson and the best baseball announcer in the history of the game, Ernie Harwell.

Sparky Anderson and Ernie Harwell Mural in Detroit
Two greats from Tiger baseball


And in the Corktown neighborhood there's a nice mural at the Mercury bar that's worth a look.

mural at the Mercury Bar in Detroit
Nice landscaping too.

Still Going

The DVD Street Art Roll continues with a trip back down to Springwells Village and the following mural on a curve.  

mural on a curve in Springwells Village Detroit
Slow down on this curve
The Southwest Urban Arts Mural Project brings us the next mural also in Springwells Village.

Mural In God We Trust Detroit
Beautiful message too.

There's More?

Yes, there is. But the art will have to stay in the digital warehouse until the next Street Art Roll... 

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