Jul 4, 2014

Goodbye to the Fleet Warehouse Building


Demolished Fleet Specialty Warehouse Detroit
Nothing but rubble remains
Recently in the Detroit Free Press there was a story about the demolition of a building on W. Fort Street. DVD recognized the Fleet Warehouse building right away. Or should I say former Fleet Warehouse building. In the name of progress the Moroun family demolished the building. The plans for the space? A parking lot. From the Freep's article, "the company intends to use the cleared site to expand its neighboring maintenance and vehicle repair facility. A bridge company representative later said that specific plans call for a parking lot." As I said in a previous post (see link below), it would be nice if the building were to be rehabbed, but that wasn't meant to be. To be fair not every building can be renovated and made profitable, but this one that was so close to downtown seemed like it had a shot. Oh well, progress.

A Look Back
Here's the link to DVD's post back in 2012 with information about the Fleet Specialty Warehouse building.

What do you think? Was it good to tear down this building?

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