Dec 13, 2014

Record Albums

Paramita Sound
A new creative space recently opened in the West Village neighborhood called Paramita Sound. It's a unique spot where you can buy a record album or bring your own disc to play and share with others. Mrs. DVD and I stopped by with our Red Hook coffees in hand on a Saturday evening, and we enjoyed flipping through the record album bin. That alone is worth a visit. Flipping through record albums, checking out the cover art and turning it over to check out song titles is a pleasure that can't be replicated with compact discs.

Paramita Sound Detroit MI
Records and more
A Social Spot
While there, we learned that on Thursdays they have a dj spinning records. Aiming for a social vibe there's also a "swap meet" on Sundays to exchange vinyl, equipment and tapes. The listening lounge in the back is another area to relax while at Paramita. Detroit Video Daily will definitely be on the look out for some of the future happenings at Paramita Sound!

Record albums Paramita Sound Detroit MI
Vinyl lives at Paramita Sound

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