Nov 15, 2015

Wind Sail Biking on Belle Isle

Lots of Cement
Although some people have been critical of the amount of cement that's on Belle Isle in Detroit, one man definitely takes advantage of it. On a brisk, windy November day as I began a ride around the island, I noticed this man bike sailing on the cemented area near the entrance to the park.

Man Bike Sailing on Belle Isle in Detroit
Wind Bike Sailing on Belle Isle

There was enough wind to keep him smooth sailing, or I guess smooth biking. As I continued on my journey the Nancy Brown Peace Carillon was playing a song.  So I made a quick audio recording and later combined it with the video footage of the man and his sail bike. And there you have it, another Detroit Video Daily video!

If anyone knows the music for the video please leave a comment and let me know!

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  1. I couldn't name the tune. But I'm going to check with Andrew a member of the Sailing Institute of America (ASI) and find out it he was the parking lot sailor.


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