Feb 27, 2016

A Popular Video

A while back I received a message from a writer over at the Free Press asking if he could use one of
House almost gone
my videos in a story he was writing about environmental and health impacts from the demolition of buildings in Detroit. Since the content of this blog is copyright protected, I appreciated his asking. Of course though I was happy to let him use the video for the story.

I read the Free Press every day and didn't see the story, so I thought maybe I missed it, or it got killed. (I think that's the journalist lingo for when a story is abandoned :) But sure enough one day, there it was. Here's a link to the story on home demolitions and lead dust, an excellent piece by Keith Matheny.

But hey, wait, where's my video? Then I saw it. Just a snippet of the full video was used, and a GIF was created. Oh well, I was still happy that a part of my video made it into the story. Curiously enough the full length video is by far the most popular video on my YouTube channel, when one looks at page views. I guess people like to watch things get demolished. (I have to admit every time I watch it I get sucked in; there's some sort of mesmerizing effect.)

Once More
So I thought I would share the GIF and then the full length video for those fine DVD fans that may have missed the house demolition the first go around here on the blog. And for those that would like to read the original post, click here.

Full Length Video

Quite a few comments have been left on the YouTube page about demolishing buildings. What do you think, is the city doing the right thing with all the home demolitions? Could more be done to save these abandoned structures? Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

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