Apr 3, 2016

Artistic House Renovation

Note: DetroitVideoDaily visited this house in the fall of 2015. All information is correct from that time. I'm unsure if the plans are still in progress.

Most house renovation projects go unnoticed in Detroit, unless it happens to be a house made from cinder blocks. This particular house just east of Eastern Market off of St. Aubin street is no stranger to long time DVD fans as it showed up a while back in one of the Street Art Rolls. Mrs. DVD happened to be driving by it one day and promptly called me with the message, "ya gotta come see that house."  Coincidentally, we had driven by it the previous weekend, and it always sparks some discussion when we do. So I made my way over and was pleasantly surprised to meet with a man named Jason from 2126 Pierce who is renovating what will surely be an incredible bed and breakfast.

Apparently the house was originally built by some Cranbrook art students as a class project. Here is a link an article that has some details. I believe that someone lived there for awhile, but at some point it was unoccupied, and it fell into disrepair. I'm not sure if there were plans to build more of the cinder block houses, or if this was always meant to be just a one and done type of project. I do know that over time many graffiti artists would paint on the outside walls, and this would always catch my attention.

Air BnB
The plans are for the house to be an air bnb, and the renovations are striving to make that happen. The outside of the house now has a fantastic mural that was part of the Eastern Market's Murals in the Market festival. There is more information about the future of the house on the 2126 Pierce Facebook page.


Photos from fall 2015.

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