Oct 24, 2011

Tigers at Comerica Park 2011 ALCS Game 4

Detroit Sports
One thing Detroit life has over other cities is sports.  Simply put we have great sports teams.  Well let's put it this way, if our sports teams aren't doing great, we still have great fans.  Yours truly is one that grew up with Tiger baseball, and before we get too much farther into football season, I thought it would be a good idea to post Detroit Video Daily's Tiger playoff video.  The Tigers battled against the Texas Rangers in the 2011 American League Championship Series (ALCS), and even though the Tigers would lose the series there were some exciting ball games.

Street View
As I traveled home the night of game four, a misty drizzle was falling but not enough to stop play.  Listening to the game on the radio, I passed the lights of Comerica Park, and the next thing I know I find myself searching for a parking spot near the park where one can view the game from the street.  In order to watch the game from the street, one needs to climb up and perch oneself on a wall near center field.  The wall's not that high, but in case you can't climb up a helpful fan left a couple of milk crates out to function as make shift steps.  It really gives new meaning to standing room only.

So here's a brief look at the top of the 7th inning when the Rangers were at bat.  The video also has footage of the statues depicting former Tiger stars that are a wonderful touch to a beautiful Comerica Park. I left my spot on the wall and wandered down toward the scoreboard to capture that part of the video.  One interesting note is that the Ranger's Nelson Cruz was up to bat, and you will see him on the scoreboard.  In this at bat he grounded out, but later in the game he hit a home run in the eleventh inning to seal the Ranger's victory. Cruz was simply on fire in the series, and he ended up hitting a total of six home runs in a series that went six games.  It was nice to soak up some of the playoff atmosphere at the park, but I didn't stay long, and quickly made it home to watch the replay of a Brandon Inge home run in the bottom of the seventh.  For posterity sake here's the game recap from ESPN.  As the saying goes, "wait till next year!"


  1. Your narative captured what you must have experienced. The video is like frosting on a flavorful cake. Looking forward to more posts.

  2. Thanks for the comment! I've got another one coming soon :)

  3. Thanks for the Tigers post! (My mom was hoping for sports teams in Detroit winning lots of games and cheering everyone up - and she doesn't even really like sports!)

  4. Glad you enjoyed it. It's interesting that when the sports teams win, people's attitudes do improve!


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