Oct 31, 2011

Iron Street Mural Discovery

At the Park
A recent stop at Mt. Elliott park at the foot of the Detroit River helped me to discover a cool mural in our great city.  After spending some time at the park on a beautiful fall evening, I was getting ready to leave when I glanced over toward the northeast side of the park and saw the corner of a mural.  Because DVD loves art I decided to go investigate, with the intention of snapping a photo or two. I retrieved my camera and found the battery had died. One too many photos down at Mt. Elliott park I guess.  Just as well though because I still had plenty of life in the flip video camera.  What I shot was an awesome mural that stretches down Iron Street from East Jefferson.  The video starts at the corner of Iron Street closest to the park and goes north toward East Jefferson where the mural ends (or begins depending on your perspective :)

A quick google search led me to the creators of the mural, the Detroit Mural Factory.  They seem to be a fantastic organization doing some great work in the city. Their site also has some nice photos of the mural.

The Music
In creating the video, I knew that I would need a soundtrack, and I set about searching the Internet for some Creative Commons free music.  The site Jamendo was just what I needed, and I found the song 4AM - Calling a Cab by Kammerer.  I remixed the song slightly to lengthen it to fit the video. Kammerer is a talented artist, and you can learn more about him at his Jamendo blog.

Anyone have a favorite mural? Leave a comment, and we'll see about getting a photo or video up here.  In the meantime, enjoy the video!

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