Nov 29, 2011

Computer Bug Thanksgiving Day Parade

The Day Before
First let me preface this video by saying that this was going to be DVD's first ever video of the historic Detroit Thanksgiving Day Parade.  However, that would have required me to get up early Thanksgiving morning and find a great spot along the parade route.  Again, that was the intention.  The day before Thanksgiving Mrs. DVD and I were stuck in a small traffic jam on E. Warren Ave. on our way to go pick up groceries for the big feast.  We had already driven up Woodward and saw numerous floats lined up for the parade set to start the following day.  Next thing you know the remainder of the floats start passing us by.  Although I shot a decent amount of footage, really this brief 20 seconds was my favorite, so here it is.  As far as video from the actual parade? Uh...  that'll have to wait till next year. 

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