Nov 18, 2011

An Urban State Park

The Park
Sometimes when people speak of special places in the city they'll refer to the location as a "hidden gem", well this is time to pull out the cliche card and say that the William G. Milliken State Park and Harbor is one such location.  Yep, it's a hidden gem. The park was previously known as Tri-centennial Park, named in a post celebratory fervor after Detroit's 300th anniversary.  Detroit celebrated 300 years as a city in 2001 and the park opened in 2004.  A few years later, additional construction was done to connect the park with the river walk.  There are some photos of the area as it was being worked on back in 2009 at (FadedDetroit btw is a really nice blog with some awesome photos, so you may want to go take a look.)

The photos in this Vuvox were taken November 4, 2011 in the early evening. The light from the sun was playing some fantastic tricks as it was setting, and this provided for some excellent views. The park is connected to the riverwalk and the Detroit Riverfront Conservatory is the site to go to in order to see just how many great spots have been developed along the Detroit River.

So here's my first attempt at using Vuvox, and my conclusion is it's a pretty nice site to make presentations.  The music is from Jamendo (fast becoming my favorite site for music.)  Oh, and this hidden gem's location is just west of the RenCen on E. Atwater Street.  Enjoy!

Update: June 9, 2014
The site Vuvox is no longer in business, so I've lost the multimedia presentation that goes with this post. -- Guess I'll need to go and shoot an old fashioned video and make a new post. ;)

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