Jan 27, 2012

Graffiti Art the Face and Its Message

Graffiti Art
Detroit Video Daily has a love hate relationship with graffiti art.  I will admit for the most part I am often impressed with the graffiti art I see painted on abandoned buildings. However, a large part of me has the NIMBY (not in my back yard) attitude. For example, there is a building that I pass on my way to work that is vacant but in excellent condition, and someone recently tagged the building with some really ugly spray paint letters. It's frustrating because it looks horrible, and makes the building that much harder for the real estate agent to rent. So there is some graffiti art that IMHO (in my humble opinion) is really nothing more than gang messaging that doesn't inspire anyone, except perhaps the gang members themselves. Every once in a while though I see some graffiti that is impressive, and this photo is an example of just that. I realize that as I write this it ultimately involves questions of taste. And what one person finds artistic and beautiful, another may think it's nothing but trash. As my Dad is prone to say, "about taste do not dispute."

What I do find interesting about this painting is the face and in particular the eyes. Of course the quote painted next to it caused me to google Osho, and Wikipedia has a lengthy page.  After browsing through the article on Wikipedia I was left SMH (shaking my head).
Makes Me Wonder
I have to admit a graffiti portrait of Osho is something you don't see every day. And the portrait framed in its full context, makes one wonder about Osho referring to himself as "the rich man's guru" and the 93 Rolls Royces that he owned.


  1. The website I use is ais.boatnerd.com. That one shows the location of the ships on the Lakes. There is also www.boatnerd.com and that will show some of the ships going by Detroit...but its spotty.

    1. Thanks for the info! -- I'm going to try and shoot some video of a ship. On New Year's Day when I was on the island a barge came through and it was impressive. Didn't get my camera going in time though. Anyone reading this thread, here is the post that prompted the passing along of the boat sites:
      Dossin Museum Again

  2. No problem. I would say good luck trying to get some ship footage until about March or April though. A good chunk of the shipping on the Lakes is in layup.


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