Feb 8, 2012

Iggy Pop and Ray Charles in Detroit

To the best of my knowledge they never performed together, but they're together now in Detroit. That is paintings of Iggy Pop and Ray Charles grace two windows of a building on E. Lafayette near E. Grand Blvd. 

Iggy and Ray Windows
Iggy and Ray in Detroit

Ray Charles is a musical legend. He was no stranger to Detroit, and according to the Concert Database he played his first Detroit show at the Flame Show Bar in 1952. He last performed in the Detroit area at Pine Knob in 2000. Here's a closer shot of just Ray.

Ray Charles Window
Ray Charles 

Iggy Pop is one of Michigan's rock and roll favorites, and his solo music and work with the Stooges has influenced countless groups. He was performing punk rock, before it was called punk. Known for his energetic live performances, Iggy started out in Ann Arbor, but like I said he's got a nice spot now in a Detroit window. Here's a closer shot of Mr. Pop.

Iggy Pop Window
Iggy Pop

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