Feb 15, 2012

Graffiti Photo - Cartoon Face

More Graffiti
Detroit Video Daily seems to be drawn to faces in graffiti or other art lately. Not sure why. So I thought I would keep the recent trend in posts going and share a photo of this graffiti face.

Graffiti Face Cartoon
Cartoon Face
I like the way the face is kind of peeking in the doors. I actually drove past it, and backed up the buggy to snap the photo. (The location is near the Virgin Mary painting that I wrote about earlier.) Not sure what's behind the doors and since the building appears to be abandoned, I'm really not all that interested. :)

Over at the Detroit Video Daily Flickr page I'm calling it the "graffiti cartoon face" for lack of a better name. However, looking at it now maybe a better name would be something like "big eyed face"?


  1. i think he calls them kneecaps.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I can see why he would call them "kneecaps". I think someone painted over the yellow ones, I drove by recently and didn't see them.


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