Apr 1, 2012

Palm Sunday in Detroit

Church of the Messiah
Mrs. DVD and I were driving past the Church of the Messiah on Palm Sunday, and we had to slow down so I could snap a few photos.  I mean after all it's not everyday we get a chance to see a mobile petting zoo.

Donkey, Lamb and Llama
Animals at the Church of Messiah

A Busy Church
The Church of the Messiah is not only a great church, but they do a lot to strengthen the community with programs for housing and even a makerspace at the church. Bringing in animals was a nice touch to add to the Palm Sunday service.

Llama just hanging out.

It looks like we drove past as things were winding down, but I'm sure it was an opportunity for a lot of kids to have some fun and experience something different.

Donkey gets petted.

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