Apr 4, 2012

Detroit Tigers Opening Day 2012

Almost Here 
Opening Day 2012 for the Detroit Tigers is almost here, and there's definitely a positive vibe in the air as we expect great things from last year's Central Division first place team.  Even though the Tigers didn't win the American League Championship it was still an exciting season, and we owe most of that to our star pitcher Justin Verlander.

Last year Verlander had an incredible season, and when I saw Fastball Flakes at the store I couldn't pass it up.  I've always heard that in order for a celebrity to endorse a product that they have to actually use the product (or consume as the case may be.)  So I guess it's safe to assume that Wheaties isn't his breakfast cereal of choice?

Justin Verlander Cereal Fastball Flakes
Click photo to enlarge
Verlander's fastball is legendary, and he regularly serves up pitches at over 90 mph often making batters look downright silly trying to hit the ball.  Just in case you've forgotten the stats from his incredible Cy Young award and Most Valuable Player award winning 2011 season, the side of Fastball Flakes gives you the recap.

Justin Verlander cereal Fastball Flakes side of box
Side view with stats

I'll have to admit they taste pretty good. And there's a huge temptation to say they "taste Grrrrreat" but that just wouldn't be right stealing the tag line from another famous tiger.

Justin Verlander Fastball Flakes back of box
Back of the box promotion

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