Apr 5, 2012

Tigers Opening Day Victory 2012

Detroit Video Daily Newspaper

The Tigers Justin Verlander had a great opening day start, but unfortunately he was pulled after eight innings and didn't get the win.  Oh well, it's good that the Tigers started off the season with a victory.  Wonder if there's any truth to the rumor in the above news clipping?  Mmmmmm... Fastball Flakes


  1. Where in the hell did you buy that newspaper??!! I looked all over to buy it but they were all sold out, CVS, Meijers, Target even the local party stores. I had the game on the TV while I was baking my favorite Passover recipe--chocolate orange torte. After hearing an exciting play I would run into the living roo to see the replay. game to be sure.

    I often wonder why the give the pitcher a win when they don't bat in any runs to win the game at least in the AL. Perhaps DVD could answer that one.

    1. The special edition newspaper only available at detroitvideodaily.com! Hmmm a good question. I can only say to answer your question that the pitcher is given the win because of his preventive role. He prevents runs from scoring so he in turn is rewarded with the win :)

  2. About that rumor why Verlander had a great outing. My guess is he ate the Breakfast of Champions ---Wheaties for breakfast that morning. Had he eaten Fastball Flakes he would have won the game.

  3. Ha, ha only a rumor ;) I know Verlander was on a talk show after last season and he mentioned that he eats Taco Bell(!) before the games he pitches. I wonder if he has a breakfast routine? You know baseball players are notorious for being superstitious and following what they believe to be lucky patterns.


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