May 23, 2012

Detroit Video Daily Street Art Roll

Street Art
Art with a simple message, you just can't beat it. Sometimes it helps to have the artist just tell it like it is. No need to look for deep, hidden meanings; just gaze upon the art and enjoy. So first up on the Detroit Video Daily street art roll is this piece by Flaco, sighted on East Jefferson Ave. Let's just hope that no one feels the need to paint over this piece of street art like the unfortunate demise of silhouette boy.

Detroit Mural Think Happy Thoughts
Can't go wrong with this advice!

More Iron Street Art
And just around the corner from Think Happy Thoughts is another Flaco creation, this time a superb face mural painted on a garage door on Iron Street. Long time readers of this blog may recognize the graffiti face on the left from a previous post.

Iron Sreet Art Gang by Flaco
Iron Street Art Gang by Flaco
Iron Sreet Art Gang Mural by Flaco
Graffiti Cartoon face on the left

Free Your Mind
The mural below is also found on Iron Street, the location of this video and post.

Mural in Detroit
Mural with a message

Graffiti Art Face
And it wouldn't be right to not include this face also found on Iron Street. Life is a Mix! -- Indeed.

graffiti face Detroit
A yo, another philosophical graffiti art message

Higher Res
High resolution uploads of all the photos in this post (and other Detroit photos) can be found on the Detroit Video Daily Flickr page, check it out by clicking here. And remember it's all Creative Commons license so download, share, pin to Pinterest and enjoy!


  1. "Think Happy Thoughts" reminded me of what your Grandma use to say " Think Positive Thoughts". What's the difference between street art and graffiti?

    1. I think the difference depends on each person. The question reminds me of the scenario where one person asks another, "What is art?" and the person responds, "I don't know, but I know it when I see it." :) I have a hard time calling graffiti street art if it is a gang tag for example. Not to say graffiti can't be art though. I guess the line is blurry.


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