May 21, 2012

Tashmoo Biergarten Detroit

Beer Garden
Tashmoo Biergarten Detroit
Tashmoo Biergarten on Van Dyke
A good vibe is probably the best way to describe the Tashmoo Biergarten. The Tashmoo Biergarten (german for beer garden) returned to West Village in Detroit for a spring fling. The beer garden had a successful entry into the "unique things to do in Detroit" category last fall when it opened up on a vacant lot in the West Village neighborhood. Tashmoo was only open on weekends from the end of last September until just about the end of October 2011. It was open for about a month. Their website has extensive information about the beer garden and explains that tashmoo is "An early 20th century Great Lakes steam ship. A former amusement park on Harsen’s Island. A Native American word meaning “meeting place.”

Good Times
Unfortunately, DVD couldn't make it to one of the weekends last fall, and after hearing quite a bit about it, I definitely wanted to check it out. The beirgarten was only going to be open this weekend, and I didn't want to miss it this time around. So, Mrs. DVD and I ventured over on Sunday, and the weather couldn't have been better. Eighty plus degrees, but breezy and nothing but sun. There were plenty of micro brewed beers to drink, food to eat,  and board games or cornhole bean bag games to play. Visitors to the funky beer garden sat at picnic tables with recycled wooden doors as table tops. Plenty of friendly people to talk to and a chance to take a break and relax as the weekend came to a close. The next time Tashmoo Biergarten opens up (I'm sure it'll be back) do yourself a favor and check it out.


  1. I've talked to several Germans who spoke fondly of the beer gardens back home. They all said that it was a place where everyone had lots of fun and stay connected with their friends and neighbors. Hey why don't we get together and try the place out? What was the game people were playing? (see the right front corner)

    1. I seem to remember reading somewhere that one of the founders of Tashmoo was influenced by European beer gardens. Not sure when they will open it up again, it was only open for this past weekend. I'll let you know when I hear of a new schedule. -- In the video you can see a little bit of the game, I've seen it referred to as cornhole, and heard it called "bags". It's basically a game where you toss your bag (filled with corn kernels?) and try to sink it into a hole cut out on a board. Teams play against each other. It looked fun, I didn't' get a chance to play though.


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