May 17, 2012

Enjoy Car Wash Cafe on East Jefferson

New Paint Job
Driving down East Jefferson near Belle Isle, I couldn't help but notice the new paint job on a vacant building. This building used to have a great mural that advertised the car wash cafe that was next door. The cafe had barbecue, ice cream and more. In addition, it always had some cool old cars out front.

Google Map Street View
Below is the way the car wash cafe used to look. Obviously it was quite a place. Larry Weeks, the man who used to own it passed away a couple of years ago. While I never had my car washed there, Mrs. DVD did and said he was a nice guy.

Photo from July 2009

Here is a photo I took of the newly painted building. Another vacant building down the road was also recently painted. My guess is they are getting ready for the Grand Prix race on Belle Isle next month. Somehow this kind of bums me out.

Enjoy Detroit Car Wash Cafe 2012
Enjoy Detroit Car Wash in 2012

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