May 15, 2012

A Surprise Sight

Green Space
Things aren't always as they seem. I was out taking photos on a beautiful sunny 75 degree day when I noticed a few people staring and pointing into this green space near downtown.

Green Space Near Atwater and Joseph Campau Detroit
Green space near Atwater and Joseph Campau

Snake? -  Yes, Snake.
Needless to say I was expecting to see a small garter snake as I overheard a couple talking about a snake in the grass. (Ha! Not often do I get to say that non-metaphorically). It's hard to tell by the photos, but the snake was at least four feet long, probably closer to five. Yikes.

Snake in Detroit
Middle of its body
Snake in the Grass Detroit

Snake in the Grass Detroit
Slithering away

Bucket Capture
One of the workers at a nearby restaurant made an attempt to capture the snake with a branch and a bucket. When he reached at it with the branch the snake slithered in the direction of a few onlookers, myself included. That's when I said my good-byes.

Man tries to catch a snake with a bucket
No luck 

Discussing the Situation
Almost everyone had left, and the snake was last tracked to an area by some bushes. A few people who appeared to work in the area were discussing the situation. Not sure what the result was, but this just proved to me once again that there's always something interesting going on in the city.

People discussing a snake
Snake is still loose
Believe It Or Not
Now, would you believe me if I told you this happened near the Rattlesnake Club? Well, sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. Not to worry though, I did a little research and the snake appeared to be a Northern Water Snake. This would make sense since it was heading in the direction of the Detroit River. So, a new experience that was definitely a first in my "wildlife in Detroit sightings" and, I hope my last!

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