May 13, 2012

Granite Ball Fountain

Floating Granite Ball Fountain
The Floating Sphere
You're busy. Almost everyone has a lot going on nowadays. At times we rush about from one task to the next with barely a break in between. And then again, sometimes we have breaks imposed upon us for whatever reason. A while back I needed some service work done to my Mac laptop, so I took it in to the Apple Store at Somerset mall. It ended up that they needed to keep the laptop for about 45 minutes to complete their work on it. The Apple Store guy said I could wait at the Genius Bar counter or go shopping and come back. Well, I'm definitely not a fan of shopping, but the prospect of sitting at the counter while other people brought in their Apple toys to be worked on really didn't appeal to me either. So, I headed out into the mall to wait.

I found a quiet bench, sat down and started browsing some books on my Ipod touch. I looked up and saw this interesting sculpture/fountain. I had my newly purchased digital camera with me, so I decided to try out its video feature. I was intrigued by the brass plate affixed to the art that stated that the granite ball floating on water weighs over two tons! Sorvikivi Oy, a company based in Finland, made the sculpture in 1996. I later found out there are two of these floating granite sculptures at the mall. Where the other one is, who knows, but the one in the video is fairly close to the Apple Store, in case you're wondering which one I filmed.

Not Detroit
So, even though this video isn't from Detroit, the piece of art was just too good to pass up. And, it served a purpose to keep me from shopping. At any rate, take a minute from your busy schedule and feast your eyes on a two ton rock floating on a jet stream of water. Complimentary background mall music adds to the ambience for your viewing pleasure. ;)

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