Jun 30, 2012

Giant Bull's Head on Mack Ave.

A Vegan's Nightmare

At first glance all I could think of was this is one place that vegans would not patronize. Well, there's no chance of that, since this former carryout place is no longer in business. But it's also the placement of the billboard that made me smile. If the restaurant were still open, I'm sure they wouldn't be to pleased with a message like that next to their establishment. My guess is that this carryout was not known for its vegetarian offerings.

Bulls Head on Mack_Detroit
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Bull's Head on Mack Avenue

Bulls Head carryout Mack Ave_Detroit
Carryout at Mack and Lenox in Detroit
The place doesn't seem to be in bad shape, but let's face it you're not going to put a fish fry restaurant there.

Close up

Bulls Head close up Mack ave_Detroit

Side view

Bulls Head mack ave sideview_Detroit

The bull's head has been there for years, and it seems like it's held up well given Michigan's winters can dish out some rough weather. Not sure if it's just me but he looks kind of sad, like he misses the attention he got when the place was open. 

Do you remember when this place was open? Did you ever eat there? Leave a comment and let me know.


  1. This used to be an ice cream shop!

  2. This is my hood! It was open at one time.


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