Jul 1, 2012

D:pop and Downtown Detroit Days Shopping

Downtown Detroit

DHive Downtown Detroit
D:hive 1253 Woodward Ave.
A visit to the official grand opening of D:pop, a retail pop up space, located at D:hive (on Woodward just north of Campus Martius) turned out to be quite the shopping experience. D:hive is a pro Detroit space that is part welcome center, job connecting service and information hub. They seem to be an organization that is striving to connect people with all sorts of good things happening in the city. The D:pop store inside had a nice mix of clothing and Detroit flavored items.


As it turned out the pop up Somerset CityLoft located next door to the D:hive space was celebrating their return to Detroit with Downtown Detroit Days (DDD), an outdoor shopping market across the street from Somerset CityLoft at the former site of Hudson's. Artists and businesses set up shop underneath tents and supposedly there was entertainment. Detroit Video Daily didn't get down there until the last hour of business, so we (Mrs. DVD joined me) didn't get a chance to witness any of the the other festivities.

Somerset Collection CityLoft Detroit
Somerset CityLoft store

A Standout
Among the many businesses at the DDD event, one of the standouts was The Peacock Room. The personable owner, Rachel Lutz, took time to chat with us about her unique store. A while back the local press did a story on her location in the lobby of the Park Shelton. When they were remodeling they uncovered historic ceiling and walls long covered up by a drop ceiling and dry wall. DVD will have to pay the location a visit as it sounded like a beautiful store (Rachel mentioned marble floors.) Find out more about the Peacock Room on their Facebook page.

The Peacock Room Downtown Detroit Days
Rachel from the Peacock Room

Another Notable Store
Another mini store that set up for the DDD event was Savvy Chic. This store also had a variety of unique offerings and happens to be one of Mrs. DVD's favorite retail spots. Savvy Chic is located in Eastern Market, and they have an eclectic collection of home accessories and personal goods. The friendly owner, Karen Brown, spent time talking with us and sharing some exclusive wall furnishings. Connect with Savvy Chic on Facebook.

Savvy Chic pop up store Downtown Detroit Days
Karen from Savvy Chic

Downtown Detroit Days Schedule
The Downtown Detroit Days has a limited schedule. They will run the event again July 26 - 28 and August 16 - 18. If you have time go and check it out, and this comes from someone who doesn't even like to shop. :)

Downtown Detroit Days
Pleasant outdoor shopping

Downtown Detroit Days Kearn's Clock
Downtown Detroit Days Kearn's Clock in background
Did you go to either the D:pop opening or Downtown Detroit Days? What did you think? Leave a comment and let me know!

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