Jul 8, 2012

Detroit Tea Time

Heat Wave

A sizzling heat wave hit metro Detroit last week. The average temperature was 94 degrees! Two days the temperature went into triple digits (101 on July Fourth and yesterday, 100). What does at Detroiter do to fight the heat? Drink some iced tea. Nothing like good old-fashioned sun tea to battle the heat wave. Here's a photo of the tea brewing in the Detroit Video Daily garden.

Sun tea in Detroit
Lots of sun, makes good tea!


And I can't post a photo from the DVD garden without highlighting a few flowers. The frame around the photo was made possible by using the website PicMonkey.com. It's an easy to use website to do basic photo editing. No need to register, just upload your photo, edit and save it back to your computer.

Fancy frame!

Second Photo

Here's another photo with nice matte frame.

Flowers from a Detroit garden
From the DVD Garden

Garden Extra
The garden also has an old ashtray from years gone by. I used a filter from PicMonkey.com to add a little character.

ashtray in a garden antique look
Antique look
Just the photo
Here's the photo plain and simple. It looks like a few of the daisies are wilting a bit in the heat.

ashtray in a garden with daisies
No effects,  just the photo please.

Do you have a garden this summer? How did it hold up through the recent heat wave?

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