Jul 11, 2012

Stopped by a Train in Detroit

Train Crossing

Every once in a while it happens, you're on your way someplace, and as you approach the train tracks you hear the train's whistle, and the lights at the crossing are flashing. The arm to the barrier is lowered, and you're stuck. I'm not even going to discuss the people that try to beat trains or go around the barrier. It's just not worth the consequences if it doesn't work out.


Some people get anxious and start to stress out, especially if they are already running late. When we were kids we used to count the cars to pass the time. Now I just watch and wait. No sense in doing much else. Put the car in park, and maybe shut the engine off if it looks like a long wait.

The Video

This video is from the archives, and was shot the same day the photos were taken of the Chimera Mural. For some reason, I circled back around the Russell Industrial Center and the next thing I know, I'm stopped. It wasn't a long delay, and to be honest just as I started to get into the rhythm of the train clapping away, the train was finished going through the crossing. Time to move on...


  1. Your posts like this one triggers a childhood memory. When I was about 7 years old (young enough to ride the bus/street cars without paying) I would visit my grandparents home. To do so I had to walk down Tireman west of Epworth St. and cross the railroad tracks. In those days the steam engine would cross the street. Believe me it was a thrill to wait for the train with all of it's steam filling the air. Of course it put a lot of pollution in the atmosphere as well.

    1. Thanks for your comment! When stopped by a train not a lot one can do, you might as well enjoy the sight :)

  2. Well some people turn around and find a 'detour' but when I see that I wonder are they really saving time or are they adding time to their destination.

    1. I forgot about that other option thart people sometimes take. Of course, I have no way of knowing, but my guess is that the detour adds time!


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