Jul 11, 2012

Losing Street Art

Art with a Positive Message

I had know way of knowing that my statement about the mural Think Happy Thoughts, from my previous post here, would take place. Think Happy Thoughts has met the same demise as silhouette boy. This is what the front of the building at Iron St. and East Jefferson looked like back in May.

Cool Mural with positive message Detroit
A positive message

Now - What Message?

Today here's the same building. It went from interesting to dull. I'm not sure if this got painted over at the same time as the Enjoy Detroit Mural, and I just didn't notice, but whenever it happened, the "cool" factor of Detroit went down a notch.

Mural painted over in Detroit
Just another boring building

Iron Street Mural

Let's hope they don't get carried away, and turn the corner and ruin the mural on Iron Street.

Iron Street Mural Detroit
Image from a video shot in October 2011

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  1. Perhaps the owner(s) of these buildings want to make them more attractive before putting them up for sale.


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