Sep 2, 2012

BBQ from Slows to Go

Slows to Go

Slows to Go Detroit
Parking lot on the other side
Slows Bar BQ in Detroit is well known for its delicious barbecue and bar, but let's face it, it's also known for long waits to get served due to its popularity and great food. So if you're not looking for a cold beer with your meal, check out Slows to Go at 4107 Cass Ave. and order your barbecue to go. They have two super long picnic tables outside, but they don't have tables inside, so it is possible to eat there, weather permitting. Fast, friendly service and mouthwatering barbecue, hard to go wrong here.


Even though it didn't win as best sandwich in America, according to a recent contest on the Travel channel, the sandwich called the Yardbird is one tasty sandwich. It's served on either toast or a poppy seed bun (Mrs. DVD sampled it with the poppy seed bun and thinks you should too), and it's made with smoky, tender Amish chicken, applewood bacon, sautéed mushrooms, cheddar and a mustard sauce. I enjoyed the Longhorn, a sandwich made with beef brisket, onion marmalade, smoked gouda and a barbecue sauce. We added a salad (super fresh) and an order of fries, and we were on are way in 15 minutes. If you're hungry you won't be disappointed, as Slows doesn't skimp on the portions. Both sandwiches, especially the Yardbird, are very filling and very good. Slows to Go takes care of the barbecue craving without the wait.

Slows to go bbq sandwiches
Yardbird is on the right, lots of chicken.

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