Sep 3, 2012

Hand of God Statue

Labor Day 2012

Outside of the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice is the statue the Hand of God created by the Swedish sculptor Carl Milles. The statue was commissioned by the United Auto Workers as a tribute to Frank Murphy and dedicated in 1970. Murphy was a former mayor of Detroit, governor of Michigan and later a Supreme Court justice. While he was governor he sent the Michigan National guard to protect striking workers at the General Motors plant during the famous Flint sit down strike. Murphy served as a mediator to help end the strike. The result of the strike was an empowered union that changed the working landscape in Detroit as well as the United States.

Happy Labor Day 2012!

Hand of God statue Detroit
The Hand of God statue
Hand of God statue Detroit
Looking toward the flags outside the courthouse
Hand of God statue Detroit
Frank Murphy Hall of Justice on the right
Courthouse is behind the statue

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