Dec 15, 2012

Nancy Brown Peace Carillon Belle Isle


Photo Nancy Brown Peace Carillon
Peace Carillon
The bells chiming every hour come from one of my favorite things on Belle Isle, the Nancy Brown Peace Carillon. This past summer I had a few days off, and on one of the many scorching hot days I headed over to Belle Isle to boat watch and shoot some video of the Peace Carillon.


The video didn't turn out as nice as I would've liked, so it was a good thing that I took a bunch of photos because I was able to use them to create this video. I had a lot of photos from another visit to the carillon, and I was planning on combining the two sets of photos and making a video, but in the end I just used the shots from the summer.


Nancy Brown relief from the Peace Carillon
Relief of Nancy Brown
The Peace Carillon has an interesting story, but rather than repeat it all here's a link from a good story on Basically, Nancy Brown was a pen name of a popular Detroit News columnist from 1919 to 1942. Spurred by one of her readers she set up a religious sunrise service on Belle Isle. Subsequent services were very popular and led to the construction of the Peace Carillon. Check out the above link for more details.


I recorded about eight minutes of music after the chimes announced the time, but I edited the recording and only used one song for the video. Only problem is I have no idea what the name of the song is! So if anyone knows, please leave a comment. Oh, and if you think you're hearing crickets in the video, you are. That's what you get when you do a live recording in nature, you pick up all the sounds.


  1. The song sounds like "Home Sweet Home..." Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home...

  2. Thanks for your comment! And I think you're right, it does sound like "Home Sweet Home".


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