Dec 2, 2012

Rub It In and Say Good-bye to Pain

Ringmaster from Detroit

Pain Oil
The first thing you'll notice is the smell. Not offensive, but it's different. You may even stop and notice that the product bills itself as the "original misery master". But if you've purchased this item, you are looking to get rid of pain. And you may not notice right away that this unique rubbing oil is made right here in Detroit.

Numerous Uses

I'm guessing that most people buy it to relieve arthritis or sore muscles since those are listed on the outside of the box. Although "tired sore feet" and "fatigue and exertion" are listed as well, so maybe I'm wrong. When you remove the lengthy instruction sheet from the inside (referred to as "tips and techniques on using"), you'll discover that the product claims to provide relief to no less than 15 ailments, everything from sinus congestion to nail fungus.

                                            My Experience

Ringmaster and tip sheet
I can't attest to all of the uses, but in all seriousness if you have a sore muscle, maybe a sore back or a crick in the neck from sleeping funny, this product works. My mother-in-law gave a bottle to my wife years ago when she was complaining of a sore back. Later when I had a sore neck I gave it a try. I rubbed the oil into the aching muscle, and away went the pain. So recently when I had a sore calf muscle, I reached for the Ringmaster, and once again no more pain. Made in Detroit and relieving pain since 1950. Check out their website for more info and the founder's interesting story.

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