Apr 3, 2013

Detroit Tigers Ice Cream

Ice Cream
Hudsonville Tiger Traxx Ice Cream

Move over hotdogs, peanuts and cracker jack, a new flavor of ice cream is here just in time for Tiger baseball. Hudsonville Ice Cream has released the limited edition Tiger Traxx, and I thought I could wait until the home opener to try it out, but I couldn't. 


The unique flavor is a blend of chocolate fudge swirls, chocolate covered pretzel baseballs (!) and vanilla ice cream. What does this all mean? Very simply, a delicious treat, and it's sure to be a hit :) Now we just need some warmer weather, so we can enjoy this ice cream in a cone outside.

Home Opener

The Tigers begin their season at Comerica Park Friday, so there's plenty of time to get some ice cream and celebrate the start of baseball in Detroit. Go Tigers!

Bowl of Hudsonville Tiger Traxx Ice Cream


  1. Hudsonville Ice Cream is one of my favorite brands. However I usually avoid pretzels. So maybe I could make an exception for a dish of Tiger Traxx.

    By the way have you ever heard of the Hudson car? Your great grandfather had a 1948 model. As a 13 year old I thought it was really odd compared to the slick Ford, GM and Chrysler models of the day. His employer,Ford, didn't appreciate his taste.

    1. The pretzels sound strange at first, but it tastes good. I've heard of the Hudson, but I had to do a google image search to see what they looked like!


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