Apr 28, 2013

Street Art Roll Number 3

More Art

Sifting through the digital archives I realized there were yet more street art photos that needed to be released from the vault, so here it is Street Art Roll 3! In case you missed the previous rolls here's the links to number 1 and number 2. First up is a colorful mural on East Jefferson.

Mural on East Jefferson in Detroit
Former Crown Cleaners

Graffiti House

house on St. Aubin with Graffitti
On St. Aubin street

Fort Street

Over on the Southwest side of Detroit on Fort Street there is a unique mural on one of the businesses. Here it is.

Mural on Fort Street Detroit
Parental Discretion is Advised


It's not always pleasant, and sometimes it's stinky. Just in case you didn't know here's a reminder.

Stink graffiti Detroit

Eastern Market

This photo is actually from just outside of Eastern Market. There is some great artwork over there that I believe went up last summer. This photo was snapped from my car waiting at a light. Dirty snow and all. 

mural near Eastern Market Detroit
Click to enlarge

Gone to the Dogs

This bulldog is at the end of Iron Street, where one of Detroit Video Daily's early videos was shot. Don't bother searching for it, here's the link.

bulldog street art Detroit

Girl Power

This gem is straight to the point with its message.

You Go Girl Graffiti Detroit
Not too far from Eastern Market

Next Time

That rounds out Street Art Roll 3. Since art is everywhere in Detroit, you can be sure there'll be another roll in the future. 

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