May 6, 2013

MBAD African Bead Museum


If you've ever driven along I-96 East heading downtown you may have noticed a building off to the
side of the expressway covered in mirrors. It's a curious covered structure to say the least, and it's part of the art you'll find at the MBAD African Bead Museum. There is a fascinating art installation that's on the grounds next to the museum located on Grand River near W. Grand Blvd. 


The artist behind the creations is Olayami Dabls. Detroit Video Daily finally stopped by for a visit after passing the exhibit numerous times, and Dabls (as he introduced himself to me) is very personable, and he spoke with me about his gallery of African beads, and the art that he's created. To read more about this great artist and Detroit's jewel of a museum check out


The following Flickr slide show is just a sampling of the art on the grounds. I didn't take any photos of the bead gallery, and I strongly recommend that you visit the gallery because the beads there are simply beautiful. The video focuses on the sculptures, and when you visit the museum you'll want to check out the buildings that are nearby. Trust me they are incredible.

The slide show uses Flash and is not available for IOS devices


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