Jun 6, 2013

From the Ashes...


Tough times. The city of Detroit is no stranger to them. And now with an Emergency Financial Manager that's trying to solve the financial problems of the city there will probably be more of them. To say the least, it's sad that this has happened.

Detroit city of the future mural
On our way...


Detroit's motto is Speramus Meliora; Resurget Cineribus, which is Latin for We Hope For Better Things; It Shall Rise From the Ashes. The flower in the photo below caught my eye because it was truly rising from the ashes in front of the remains of a burned down house (unfortunately a sight too familiar for many neighborhoods.)

tulips rising from the ashes in Detroit
Rising from the ashes

The Future

We don't know the future and what the changes will be, but one thing I know for certain is the people of Detroit will persevere. And my hope is that Detroit will continue to rise from the ashes, and be the city of the future because the entire region and state of Michigan will be the better for it.

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