Aug 11, 2013

It's Spinning in Detroit!

Wind Mill?
Renewable power
Contrary to what you may have been hearing lately, things are not spinning out of control in Detroit.
In fact if you're over on Wayne State University's campus things are spinning just fine. On top of the Engineering and Technology building on Warren near the Lodge a wind turbine is generating renewable electricity. I always want to call it a windmill, but I guess it's technically a wind turbine.

Keeps It Going
The wind turbine along with a solar panel keeps the computer lab humming using the electricity they create. I would go into an explanation as to how all this works, but WSU already has it covered, click here for the link to their page that explains the process. I will say it's pretty cool that the system uses regular grid power as a backup. 

Check out the short video shot in the spring to see the wind turbine in action.

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