Jan 1, 2014

Happy New Year 2014!

Annual Video
Detroit River and Belle Isle Bridge (MacArthur Bridge) 2014
View of the bridge from Belle Isle
Happy New Year to all! Yes, this post is coming late in the day on New Year's Day 2014, but as they say better late than never. And yes, the tradition continues and the annual video of the Detroit River has hit the YouTube channel. Of course no need to go there the video is embedded at the end of this post.

Snow and Cold
New Year's Day and Detroit found itself in a snowfall of close to six inches. However, when I shot the video it wasn't the snow that was the problem. It was the cold. The kind of cold where after shooting the minute long video my hands were in a numbing cold induced pain. I jumped back in the car and quickly got the heat going again. The roads circling around Belle Isle had been plowed but because of the constant snowfall they were still kind of slick. So the usual trip around the island was cut short, and I headed back over the bridge.

View of downtown Detroit from Belle Isle in the winter
View looking toward downtown from Belle Isle
A Look Back
No looking back in the post this year. Although I will say that the Tigers provided a lot of excitement in the city, and we all want to see them back in the World Series in 2014 but with a different outcome. All I can say is DetroitVideoDaily is looking to the future and will keep bringing you things I discover or find interesting in the city.

Closing Notes
If the audio in the video is a little hard to hear at the end of the video, it was because of the bitter cold! I really needed to get back to the car. Also this year I included the trip over the bridge to Belle Isle and the return trip mainly because I liked the glow of the lights, and because in the near future there will be a toll stop as Belle Isle has been turned over to the State of Michigan to run it as a state park starting February 2nd.

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