Jan 6, 2014

Summer Come Back!

Lafayette Greens Urban Garden Detroit Summer Flowers
Flowers at Lafayette Greens
Urban Garden
After shoveling some snow today, I was thinking about this past summer, partly to remind me that warmer weather will come back, but also thinking about how much I miss the green landscape. Then it hit me, time to dig into the archives and publish the video about one of Detroit's coolest urban gardens, Lafayette Greens.

Compuware Connection
I later found out that this garden was commissioned by Compuware. They have different opportunities to get involved at the garden, and you can read more about what's going on there by clicking on this link.

Lafayette Greens Detroit urban garden
A view from the garden

Lafayette Greens urban garden in Detroit
Vibrant colors
Lafayette Greens urban garden Detroit Michigan
Raised garden beds
Inside the garden are some unique pieces of art by Tim Burke. He uses found metal and other scrap to create his art. Read more about the artist here.

Tim Burke statue at Lafayette Greens urban garden detroit
Statue among the flowers
Below is the video I shot back in August 2013. If you like urban gardens, be sure to check out Lafayette Greens, you won't be disappointed. The location is at 132 W. Lafayette Blvd. at the corner of Shelby St. and Lafayette.

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