Jan 7, 2014

How Cold Is It?

Polar Vortex
Just in case you read yesterday's post and weren't sure how cold it is in Detroit, today's post should clear things up. The polar vortex is apparently the reason for the extremely cold temperatures in Detroit the past few days. Today's high is expected to be 3° Fahrenheit. Currently as I write this post it is 2° below zero. Bearing in mind that 32° is freezing, it's very cold right now.

snow in Detroit January 2014
Cold and Lots of Snow
I came across this trick online today and decided to give it a try. Basically when it's this cold outside you can take boiling water and throw it into the wind, and it turns into snow. The key is to throw it into wind that is blowing away from you. Apparently, some people online were burned when the water flew back at them. So my advice is don't bother trying this just watch the video instead. :)

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