Jul 24, 2014

Detroit's 313 Birthday!

Antoine de La Mothe Cadillac
313 Birthday Celebration
Today Detroit celebrates 313 years since Antoine de La Mothe Cadillac founded Detroit in 1701. The settlement was named Detroit which is French for strait. The strait is the waterway we now call the Detroit River.

Why 313?
For those not from the Detroit area, the choice to celebrate the 313th year since the discovery of Detroit may appear strange. The number 313 though is significant for Detroiters because it's the area code for phone numbers originating from the city. In fact the area code 313 used to cover much of the surrounding areas including many suburbs. 313 still covers Detroit, but as time went on there was a need for more phone numbers, and other area codes were established for neighboring communities.

More Than Just a Number
However, 313 has taken on more than just an area code distinction. It's also used in a way to symbolize authenticity and being from Detroit proper, not just from the suburbs. In fact a few years ago a former co-worker of mine obtained her Google Voice phone number and she made a point of telling me that she got the 313 area code. The power of the 'D'!  ;)

Did you do anything to celebrate Detroit's birthday? Leave a comment and let me know!


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