Jul 26, 2014

What the Heck Happened Here?!

Not sure what the heck happened here at the site of some pretty cool street art in Detroit. This creative rendition of a lion/tiger (a commenter on my Instagram account said it's a liger) was on a wall near the Honey Bee - La Colmena market in southwest Detroit. Other paintings of this cat can be seen in multiple locations in the city (watch for a future post here on DVD that will show you some of them.)

Street art of a tiger lion liger in Detroit
A cool cat
I was at the Honey Bee the other day, and here is what the wall looks like now.

missing street art in Detroit
Street art missing!
Theft? or Trashed?
Could someone have dismantled the street art and moved it to another location a la the Banksy? Or is it a case of the owner of the wall not liking street art and tearing it down? As we know not everyone appreciates street art, if you remember back to this unfortunate incident or this one or even this one.

So the question remains, what the heck happened here? (Outside of the obvious, the wall was torn down.) I guess my question is really, why did this happen?

Maybe you know the answer. If you do, please share and leave a comment. Otherwise this may remain a mystery! 

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