May 5, 2012

Graffiti Faces an Urban Ruin Prezi

Urban Beauty or Ruin Porn?
A lot of photographers have documented the decline of Detroit by taking pictures of abandoned buildings that have fallen into disrepair. Some people find the photos fascinating and artistic, while others consider it a cheap way to draw attention to the city's problems. The detractors use the term, "ruin porn" when referring to this type of photography.

Not Much Here
I don't really have too much ruin photography here on Detroit Video Daily. I'm not opposed to the photography, I just don't do much of it. I try to look for other subjects to photograph. For example, this new building that caught my eye. There is so much beauty in the city that tends to get overlooked. And to be honest ruin photos tend to be depressing after awhile. However, the graffiti faces I came across recently are on an urban ruin, so in this case subject matter trumped context.

So for the fast becoming regular feature (graffiti faces) here at Detroit Video Daily, I decided to create a Prezi to display a few photos. Prezi is an online service to make presentations, that some people call "zooming presentations". If you've never seen one before you'll understand the zooming effect very quickly. Click on the "play" triangle to view the short Prezi. You can also choose the full screen option if you click on the word "more" in the lower right corner. 

What is your opinion about ruin photography? Leave a comment and let me know!

Please note Prezi is a flash based presentation and will not work on an Apple mobile device.

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